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About Building Dreamz

With over 15 years in the construction industry providing the services needed to those that need it most in the times that are most essential. We offer competent and reliable services for

new and renovation building construction.


In 2005  I started my construction career by designing and completing three of my own home makeovers. This included but not limited to painting, tiling, and flooring. I learned valuable lessons during each renovation process.


I have been painting for 17 years, have a year of cabinetry classes as well as a year in a cabinet shop. Everything else has been self taught and practiced while talking to experts to learn the tricks.

For years I worked full-time gaining experience as well as part time building my business and client base conducting my own contract’s. I enjoyed carpentry so in 2014 I enrolled into carpentry school to expand my skills. By 2019 Building Dreamz Renovations was born and became a full-time business. I now enjoy doing all aspects of a renovation.

Through my life experiences I’ve discovered that I have the calmness, determination, competence, and leadership attributes that can be translated and used in all aspects of the construction industry.


On a personal leveI I plan to continue expanding my skills throughout my life to include diving, rock climbing, avalanche rescue, first aid, helicopter jumping, and everything else that may come along.

I have a need to do what I believe I am meant to do, helping the community I live in as well as around the world. When I am no longer able to do, I want to teach to those who can. 

Let Building Dreamz  help you "Turn your dreamz into a reality"
New Kithen Renovation

Our Process

Together we will go over your construction and design requirements keeping you involved from start to finish.

Building Dreamz Renovations uses Contractors and Sub-contractors

Home Plans

Preconstruction Design

Together we will go over the construction and design requirements.


Design & Construction Estimate

Every job is different.

Quoted by job complexity

On-Site Consultations

I will keep you up to date on all the process from start to completion of project.


The Finishing

Over seeing renovations to the finishing touches you  require.

New Kitchen Renovation

Building Dreamz Guarantee

To look after your renovation and new construction needs.

To help you understand the process. 

To Over see your project from start to finish.

"Turning Your Dreamz into Reality"
Tell us about your project today.

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